Wanderung Checking Out the Vollhöfner Forest (18 km)

4. Januar 2020 um 11:00 – 16:00
Vollhöfner Wald

Wanderung Checking Out the Vollhöfner Forest (18 km)

“After the start we walk alongside the waters through Finkenwerder into the area of Altes Land to reach the Vollhöfner Forest. We do a loop through the forest to explore it. We may have to ignore a prohibition sign when we enter the forest. If you are afraid to do so, please do not join. Later we continue through the nature reserve Moorgürtel to Neuwiedenthal.

The Vollhöfner Forest, located at the southern border of the Hamburg Harbour, made it into media in October, when some tough people made camp there to draw attention to the fact, that the forest should get cut down to make room for even more storehouses (… while at the same time a total of 961.403m² of storehouses were available to rent in the harbour area). Check https://www.vollhöfnerwald.defor more info. If you agree that it is a bad idea to cut down any remaining forests, you can send a protest mail to the Mayor of Hamburg using this website https://mitmachen.nabu.de/voellibleibt . 7513 people, including me, already did.”

Weitere Details und Anmeldung über: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Hamburg-Hikers/events/267355391/

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