Wanderung Forest and Moor in the North of Hamburg (21 km)

11. August 2019 um 10:45 – 16:15
U-Ahrensburg West

Wanderung Forest and Moor in the North of Hamburg (21 km)

On this beautiful nature hike we pass Lake Bredenbek and cross the nature reserves Duvenstedter Brook and Wohldorf Forest to reach our final destination in Ohlstedt.

This will be a rather sportive hike. Please take care to not fall back to far without giving notice, otherwise you may get lost. Please bring your own food and drinks, there are no possibilities to stock up during the hike. For wildlife protection dogs are not allowed in Duvenstedter Brook.

We meet 10:45 at U-Ahrensburg West, outside, in front of the exit. Please make sure to be on time, e.g. with the train arriving at 10:41. We will NOT wait for the train arriving at 11:01! Ending point for the hike is U-Ohlstedt, which we should reach until 16:00. U-Ahrensburg West and U-Ohlstedt are both stations of line 1 and are both in the AB area for HVV tickets.

Details und Anmeldung über die angegebene Website.

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