Wanderung Wümme! From Rotenburg to Bremen (45 km)

14. September 2019 um 9:00 – 19:00

Wanderung Wümme! From Rotenburg to Bremen (45 km)

After starting in Rotenburg (Wümme) we follow the Wümme river through the Wümme Meadows to the west all the way to Borgfeld, a suburb of Bremen. We will pass a lot of nice nature, mainly in open landscapes.

This is a sportive and demanding hike done in a higher pace (avg. walking speed ~5.5 km/h). To join it is recommended that

* you have experience with longer hikes (30+ km)
* you own a reasonably fitness
* you wear tried-and-trusted hiking shoes

However, if you want to test yourself, you are welcome. But if you cannot follow you will to have to find your own way home (and buy an additional ticket). Abandoning is possible in Ottersberg (24 km) and Fischerhude (32 km). But please don’t join if you do not plan to finish. And please remember, this is (as always) a private event in which you take part on your own responsibility.

The good news: At two of our rest places fresh coffee is available from bakeries. In Fischerhude there is also a nice organic supermarket around.

We meet at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof at 7:55 am in front of DB-Reisecenter (entrance Heidi-Kabel-Platz, inside) to buy shared Niedersachsen tickets, costs per person approx. 10€. Then we take the train at 8:15, arriving in Rotenburg at 9:01. We will reach Bremen-Borgfeld between 6 – 7 pm and will be back in Hamburg at 8:26 pm or 9:26 pm.

Details und Anmeldung über die angegebene Website.

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