Wanderung Fehmarn, North Coast & West Coast (43 km / hard)

6. September 2020 um 8:45 – 19:30

Wanderung Fehmarn, North Coast & West Coast (43 km / hard)

Second part of a circuit around Germanys third largest island! Once again we start in Puttgarden, but this time we move counterclockwise. On our way there are the nature reserves Grüner Brink, Nördliche Seeniederung and Wallnau, small fishing villages, Lighhouses and the place where Jimi Hendrix played his second last concert in 1970. And above all of that, we have a clear view of the Baltic Sea at almost any time. As a final we cross the Fehmarnsund bridge to reach the train station in Grossenbrode on the German mainland.

Because of its length, this is an exhausting hike. If you want to challenge yourself, your welcome – but be prepared to find your own way home if you cannot finish. Shortening the route means calling a taxi or hitchhiking. There are a few campsites with small shops and cafes along the way, but i suggest bringing enough food and drinks for the day, as it is difficult to guess how much time we will have left for shopping sprees and cafe visits.

Those of you who start from Hamburg should meet latest 5:50 a.m. at Hauptbahnhof in front of the DB-Reisecenter to buy shared SH-tickets, costs per person ~10€. Take the train at 6:04, change train in Lübeck and arrive in Puttgarden at 8:49. For the backtrip from Großenbrode you can use the train at 19:36 that will arrive in Hamburg at 21:51.

As of today, my own plan is to spend a long weekend on Fehmarn, possibly at the campsite in Puttgarden. If you think a long weekend is a good idea, especially if you also want to participate on Saturday or if you are afraid of getting up early, there are many options on Fehmarn. Even those that are more comfortable than a tent.

I have set up a WhatsApp group for discussions, arrangements and chitchat about the event and the weekend, click to join: https://bit.ly/2CWVUWA

Please only sign up if you are 100% sure you’ll attend, check your other commitments. Use meetup’s ⭐️-function to set a bookmark and to get a notice when the date is coming up. Unreliable people (no show or late cancellation) may be excluded from future events with limited capacity.

On a really bad weather forecast with lots of rain this event may get postponed by one week or cancelled. The decision will made not later than Thursday, September 3rd.

During the event you will get a chance to make a donation. To give is absolutely optional, only do it if you like to do, if you enjoy the event and if you can afford.

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Please read and agree to all of the points listed on this website: https://bit.ly/2Zu9IPN (german) / https://bit.ly/2BiJjwE (english translation). In addition, we have to fill out a list with contact details (full name, address, phone number or email) of all participants. I have to keep this list for 4 weeks and pass it to the authorities on request. If you want to hide your data from the other participants, send it to me in a private message by Friday evening at the latest.

Further details and registration only on meetup.com

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